Saturday, May 3, 2014


As many of you know I'm back in New Brunswick. And its been a week now. Although it kind of feels like its been a month. I've been trying to get back into the swing of things here, which actually never really happens I've learned, but I'm trying none the less.

So far this year has been an okay year here and I have enjoyed my time so far. I mean, as much as one can enjoy waking up at random hours of the night to fish eels out of the water. I would tell you about other things, but alas, I can't. Due to the fact that I have been swore to secrecy(I feel like a spy) and have to keep most things eel related on the down low.

There have been a few changes this year when it come to my job at Brunswick Aquaculture LTD.(Fixed it.) They have finished building the gym. Complete with free weights and a sweet cable machine. Though I think the best part of the new gym is the 80 inch TV and Xbox they got set up in there. Lets just say that most of what goes on in there isn't working out. Though I have had some good workouts.

They built a new attachment for rooming people. It has been inhabited by the guys from Ontario and is rightly called "#OntarioHouse". We even have an Ontario flag hanging in the window. Other then this just being a new place for us to sleep it has some other perks too. Less people staying here which means less noise which means more sleep which means happier Nolan. We have our own TV, Xbox, mini-fridge, and even a toaster over for cooking our snacks, which lately have consisted of pizza pockets, burritos, and hot dogs. hashtag healthy living.

After reading this you probably think that I don't even work while I'm here. Don't worry I do, I'm just really good at hyping up how much fun I have while being here. It's basically hanging out with the guys for 2 months. So there are some good times to be had.

Anyways if you want to know anything else just text me and ask. No for real! If you read this you should text me. Because if I'm not sleeping it can get kinda boring around here. So text me.

Nolan Out!

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