Tuesday, April 14, 2015

College coming to a close

Three years? Is this real life? Do I have to be a real adult now? These are only some of the crazy thoughts running through my head as I sit here in the lab at school with only two weeks left. I feel like it was just yesterday was my first day of classes at a real school. Anyone remember those posts? "today is my first day of real school" is exactly what it said.

Have I changed in the last three years of school? Yeah, I think I probably have. Hopefully for the better. If nothing else I  know I am in better shape now(See post below.) How is it that you can know you changed so much but not really be able to explain how? Is that a thing? it's weird, I know I'm different, probably more mature. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone. It's probably more all the little things, and not one big thing, yeah know?

I don't know if that last paragraph made any sense. If not you'll survive.

What else is there to tell? Placement, I guess. I've been working at Vale. Go check my facebook and instagram for pictures. It has been going well. I have been learning lots and getting a better understanding of what I learned in school. It is crazy at how big some networks actually are(Mom, if you read this next part you won't understand what I am talking about.) When going into a router or switch on a Vale network and just taking a look at some of the things that are going on with the configuration, it blows my mind. Granted, I was expecting a production network to be bigger then a lab set up, sure. But the amount of stuff all going on at once and working, for the most part, is crazy. Not to mention the amount of stuff that school didn't actually teach me, is impressive as well. Just gotta learn it on my own I guess. From fiber to VOIP, I've got a lot more learning to do. But I guess that is life. If you don't push forward you fall behind.

I always seem to start posting again once eel season starts to roll around, I guess the thought of leaving for 2 months makes me feel weird and I feel the need to write my thoughts down. Oh! Yeah, I'm going eel fishing again this year. Sam is coming as well, and a new comer, Jesse Fontaine(You remember the potato cannon guy.) Should be another interesting season with a whole crap ton(a metric crap ton) of stories to go along with it. If I am not sleeping in my free time, or playing Towerfall, maybe I'll take some time and make a post or two.

Anyways that's all I got time for right now,

Nolan Out!

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