Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Looky Here Lads! He be Postin Again

So its been slightly over one year since I last posted. In that post I said I would update on how things were going in the US and how we were doing, needless to say that did not happen. I have recently come to terms with just how bad I am at keeping people up to date on things, something I hope to slowly remedy. Either way I have been thinking lately, (well more like reading) that continuing to write on this blog would probably be good for me. Unlike when I initially undertook this blog with Nolan like 6 years ago, I no longer am writing to play to an audience (even if there wasn't much of one haha). Don't get me wrong I enjoyed writing the few posts I did, how I did, but always in the back of my mind was "will people find this amusing? Will they find it enjoyable?". This time around the focus is on me, and don't take that in a me being self-centered type of way. Rather I am treating it more like a journal. Now before you turn tail and run, I would like to lay out what that means, what I will be saying, and what I will not be saying:

 I will NOT be telling you sappy personal feelings and disappointments in my life.

 I will NOT be putting what I think is wrong with the world and how Christians are not doing what they should be doing, why I think non-christians are dumb yada yada yada. If you want that go read the Matt Walsh Blog haha.

I WILL be posting as a Christian, things to encourage, to support and lift up.

I WILL be posting things I find interesting in health, I have learned so much about the human body in the last year and sometimes feel ready to burst talking about the latest research in the field of health.

I will be posting things I find interesting in Technology and other random things.

Thats a very rough outline of what I hope to focus, or not to focus on. As I said earlier I am writing this because these are the things that interest me. I realize that most bloggers won't post about the awesome effects of vitamin D on the body one day, and the next day post about why they love their android phone. But these are the things I love and like to talk about.

 As to the things I will not be posting about, I said that for a very specific reason. That reason being that I have recently been reading on the effects.....affects? of stress and depression on both the mind and the body. What causes stress and depression and what are the best remedies.No, I am not in a clinically depressed state and I will not be needing antidepressants haha. I am however, a student living in the 21st century where stress and acute episodes of depression are rampant, and I am not immune. A few days ago I was listening to a man speaking on the effects...affects? of stress on the brain and its function. One thing that he said that really stuck with me, is just how much time the average person spends inside their own head, contemplating, worrying, arguing with themselves. He stated that the average person spends around 50% of their lives just thinking about other times in their lives whether it be the future or the past. The resounding problem with this, is that the overwhelming majority of these thoughts are negative. This is a double whammy, not only are you missing whats currently going on, you are reliving or creating negative thoughts that will only amplify the stress and or depression in your life. The main reason I wanted to start writing again was to start changing the time I spend being negative. In a world that is overwhelmingly negative, I decided it was time for me to personally inject some positive into the world.

So thats it, I want these posts to speak on the things that I love, that I find interesting, or things that I feel God has been pressing on my heart. Anyway, this post is probably one of the most emotional you will see, so if it was to much, don''t worry! Facts and helpful/boring things are on there way.

Seriously I might end up writing another post later today.

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