Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hotel Shananigans

Gather 'round to hear the tail of our trip to a hotel.

The Front Desk:
It all started on a beautiful sunny evening in East Toronto, when Nathanael, Devin, Sam, and myself all rolled up to the Hotel. At first glace it looked amazing, little did we know that it was really a portal to the underworld. After grabbing our stuff out of the #eelantra(Yeah, that is the name of my car) we walked in. At this point we were still excited with that pre-hotel excitement. I go up to the front desk, since I am the one who made the booking. After talking with the clerk for a few minutes, he tells me that he is going to give me an "upgrade", now in my mind, at this exact moment I was excited. This excitement quickly diminished when he told me that my upgrade was to a bigger room with one bed. Now this wouldn't be an issue if there wasn't FOUR people who needed a place to sleep. Now I am not a confrontational person, so instead of getting mad, I just decided to make it work. So I asked for a cot. He looks me in the eyes and says "Sure! Not a problem, that'll just be $10 a night". At this point I am starting to feel like I should become a little more confrontational. So I say "Nah, we'll skip the cot". To this he replies, "Okay, we'll give it to you for free" At this very moment I wanted to punch him, just give me it free the first time. Right before everything is done and ready to go he decides to let me know that there is a $8 a night parking charge. I say nothing, there was nothing to say, I just walked away from the desk and we headed up to our room. We took some time just to get settled in and then we headed off to the pool, for a quick swim.

The Battle for the Beds:
When we got back from the pool, there was a cot in our room. This is good. But that still leaves one person without a bed.(Sam and I shared the king size bed, since it is basically two beds.) We call the front desk and say "Could we get another cot", they say "sure!" at this point we think we win this battle for beds. We were wrong, they called back because they were sure they had already delivered a cot to our room. They had. We told them we didn't have one. They told us that they were sending someone to check. So the janitor came to our room. But before he got there we quickly hid the cot in the bathroom, Nathanael was taking a shower. When he showed up he come into the room and was very confused when he didn't see the cot, he left and about 20 minutes later brought us our second cot. We had finally won! Everyone now had a place to sleep that wasn't a floor and the Janitor thinks he is going crazy.

Cheapness Abounds:
The next morning we were feeling pretty good. I was still a little annoyed that they made us pay for parking, but I thought I could make it up for with eating all of the free breakfast, since there is no sadness breakfast food can't cure. We get to the breakfast place, and ask the hotel staff about the free breakfast, they tell us that we need a special card from the front desk to qualify for the breakfast. So we go ask, of course, we didn't qualify. So there was no breakfast for us. What kinda of hotel doesn't give everyone a free breakfast. After this we go to check out. We find that our free "upgrade" wasn't actually free. This pushed me over the limit. I walk over to the front desk and in my most stern voice, say "I thought it was a free "upgrade", to a room with not enough beds for everyone." My sarcasm rang through out the halls of the hotel loud enough to wake the rest of the guests. At this point he decided to cut my parking cost and made sure I didn't get charged more for a room that was awful. Then he told me to write a review for the Hotel. I did. It was not a happy review.

This ends my story. I hope you enjoyed my rant. 

Nolan Out!

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