Friday, September 25, 2015

The Messed up SYC

I had the best dream ever last night. 

So to start, I got to the chapel for the SYC, but apparently I got the schedule mixed up and basically I crammed everything that we had planned for Saturday into Friday night. It was a disaster. One of our elective speakers didn’t show up to speak. So I had to, that sucked. 

Then I think we just straight up skipped Saturday, because we did it all Friday.

Then on Sunday, Breaking Of Bread was normal, but the Family Bible Hour was just the worst. I guess Zach and my Dad put a streaming program on the chapel computer to watch sports on the Saturday, but the program was a virus. So it only played live basketball all the time, which is weird for so many reasons. Even if I turned off the system and the speakers it still played, it couldn’t be stopped. I was super ticked off and I was going all hulk crazy in the sound booth breaking things and smashing my fist on the desk, meanwhile it was packed and everyone was blaming me. But it was really Zach and my Father's fault.

So yeah, the moral of the story is don’t mess with my sound booth. Also don’t try cramming all the activities of Saturday into Friday...

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