Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Confessions from the sound booth

A few weeks back I was at a church that was not my own. It was very enjoyable. But the sound and projector was almost unbearable. Since I normally run the sound and projector at my church I find myself being very judgey of other people who operate it at other churches.

First off, It's not hard to use one font for song sides is it? Like seriously. Mixed fonts, inconsistent font size, Why is that word bold, and the other italicized? Just remember, consistency is key.

Secondly is music volume. Now I know at my church we don't have drums. Heaven Forbid! But when I go to other churches that do, and find that the volume on the drums, or any instrument is set to 11. Well that just won't do. I want to hear the singing. Oh, and if you have people singing with mic's at the front, lets keep that a normal level too, Sure they might be good, but I still want to hear the rest of the congregations singing too! 

Slides in the wrong order. This is my biggest pet peeve. Now it has happened to me, so I do give some room for error here. Some times the person leading music just decides to go all crazy and sing the bridge in the middle of the song for no reason. I get it. No one is perfect. But when EVERY SINGLE SONG is not in the right order or is missing the 1st verse, I have to think that it might not be the music peoples fault. But that maybe you forgot to coordinate with the music people. Lets remember that as the sound booth guy you play a big role is facilitating worship so lets put some effort in(PS you are not leading worship, that is the Holy Spirits job. He is the worship leader. Another pet peeve. Sorry I'll get back on track now...)

To many "Churchy" backgrounds. This just makes me laugh. Like when you see a slide and the background is like this:
The dove, the cross, a fancy bible, a beam of light. THESE ARE NOT COOL. They make me think I'm singing a cult song. Now I'm not saying a cool background is bad. I do my song slides at a brethren assembly where my definition of a crazy background is when we set it to red for Christmas. I know, crazy right? So I might be a little harsh on the whole situation. But I don't mind to occasional cool background, but lets keep it from getting too "Religious" looking. You know what I mean.

And my last point is about when to change to the next slide. This should be common sense, but apparently not. Also I am guilty of what I am about to say, but once again the is more meant for those who do it every time! Lets change slides when the we are done singing the words on the current slide. Or even a half second early so people know what is coming next. It will make everything run smoothly. If you don't believe me, that is fine. But try it just once, to prove me wrong. It it goes better then normal I win and you change your ways. If not, just keep doing it all dumb like. I don't care.

Well that is my rant for today. Maybe I'll rant again soon about something. Who knows with this blog.

Nolan Out!