Thursday, April 14, 2016

Egg Overload!

So here I am writing another blog post about my life. Currently sitting in a basement. I don't particularly want to be in this basement. The weather is gorgeous and I'm not in it. There are no windows down here, just walls and sadness. I think I need to set up a webcam so I can always see the outside.

The real reason for the post is to inform the world that I am back on a low carb diet. Bread is so delicious. The reason I am on this diet is that I joined this contest that Popeye's(Not the chicken, but the supplement store) is hosting. Winner can get $30,000. I think I'd like that much money. I also really like carbs  

The big question when it comes to low carb diets that I still have no answer for is eggs. Now let me clarify,  I love eggs. They are a wonderful creation of deliciousness. The only issue is that I have, is after eating 3-4 eggs every morning for two weeks, your mind kinda starts to not want to eat them. There are some foods I could eat everyday for the rest of my life, Pizza for instance. But eggs get old. 

Breakfast is hard with out Fruit, Cereal, and Toast. Other then eating eggs most breakfast foods are carbs, which I guess makes sense, get that energy boost in the morning. But when not eating carbs what does one eat for breakfast, other then copious amounts of eggs and protein shakes?!

I need some breakfast variety. 

Nolan Out! 


  1. Who said you had to eat "breakfast" food for breakfast? Why not have some carb free leftovers from last night.

    1. I do that. But most of the time I don't leave left overs... haha!