Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Yearly Thing?

The statement: "This blog is getting new content regularly." Is a true statement. Once a year is regular. As regular as my bow... Oh! Uh, nevermind.

So on to the content. Where am I now, you ask?

Well in my last post I was talking about the joys of  buying a new house and the wonderfulness of my Job at Netspectrum. To be honest, things are mostly the same in my life. Lets quickly go through a list of things that have remained the same before getting into the new stuff.

  1. Still breathing
  2. Still going to the gym consistently
  3. Still a Home owner
  4. Still at Netspectrum
  5. Still wishing I was at Northland Bible Camp all summer

I am sure there are more, but those are the big ones that stick out while I am writing. Anyways lets get into the new, it is more exiting anyways.

Since my last post I have acquired room mates. Billets? Tenats? What ever they qualify as, they live with me at my house. They are the best, don't let them know that though. I catch them cleaning my house every so often. It's neat. I enjoy having people around the house. It's not as lonely.

I am an official Spikeball Ambassador. I really like Spikeball. Chances are most of you already knew that, especially if you follow any of my social media. I help run the Sudbury Spikeball Club. It's still small but hoping for some growth over the summer and next school year. check it out! And if you are in Sudbury, follow the page and come play some time!


...My car. The #EELantra... It died. I was on my way to a Spikeball tournament in Toronto(It was amazing). While on this trip Ben(AwesomeBlog fans remember Ben), He broke my car. Here is a quick overview of the whole ordeal: Timing belt broke. Interference engine. Bad. Expensive. Scrapped. being informed to change my timing belt a few months earlier. Moral or the story, listen to your mechanics. The silver lining with this is that I got a new car. It's name is The Phoenix. It is a 2018 Elantra. I named it that because it rose from the ashes of my old car and the color is Phoenix Orange. It is Beautiful. There is a picture on my Instagram.

I also bought a sweet camera and filmed a friends wedding. There are some quick videos I have filmed on my YouTube channel, if you wanna see what the camera can do. Filming a wedding is stressful guys, so much data at risk. But over all a great experience. Looking forward to the whole editing process. Lots to learn. Going to be fun!

I've got a busy summer coming up. Between Spikeball and work and going to camp for a few weeks and everything else a summer will throw at you. It's going to be fast paced and fun. I don't know what else I should write. If you have questions about what I am up to, shoot me a message.

Nolan Out!

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